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CORSIVA ROMANA | the origin of cursive

  • CORSIVA ROMANA | the origin of cursive

…..Cursive calligraphy is full of movement and emotion. Calligraphy that runs along the page, in the full flow of writing, is filled with movement and life. Cursive writing breathes rhythmically, like a dancer. Cursive writing is a graphic dance.”
Hans-Joachim Burgert “ The calligraphy line” Berlin,1989

Chronologically the "New" Roman Cursive is inserted between the I century b.C. and the IV century a.D. This style develops at the same time as the official writings of the State, Capitalis Rustica, Uncial and Quadrata. Commonly it is considered the cursive form of the capital letter. While the Quadrata and Rustica are written carefully and meticulously, the Roman Cursive seems to be written quickly , without care and is often difficult to read.

In reality its apparent rhythmic disorder (Chaos) has an extraordinary musicality of the line that is expressed through the connections between the letters. It is, in my opinion, pure writing. Its protagonist is not a geometric form, but the LINE. A line that dances, that moves in the space, until it creates a harmony of signs. The letters are not formed according to a rigid pre-ordered scheme, but are modified according to the single movement.

This course aims to stop and consider the aspects of the origin of cursivity in calligraphy, how to write and connect letters and the line of writing that “dance” and move into the space with its expressive potentialities in greater detail. We intend also to work on the more experimental aspects.
If you are looking for how to dissolve some stiffness and get more fluidity in your calligraphy and discovering a new historical ancient style, this is the course for you.

This course is thought for beginners up to advanced.

It won't mandatory to work during the live demonstration but of course you can practice with me if you want to. Part of the 3rd day lesson, instead, will be the time for your questions, showing and share your work and have some feedback from the teacher.
If you won’t be able to be present at the live sessions, don’t worry, after each day's lesson you will get the link to the recorded videos available for you with no limited time to watch.
Once you registered 72 hours prior the day’s lesson you will get details and link for the Zoom's lessons access.

- 5 hours in total online live session class
- 3rd day lesson dedicated for show and share and feedback
- free support after the class (by email)
- handouts for the entire session will provide
you will get suggestions on which materials you will need to use and where to buy them.
- recording video lessons after classes with no limited time to watch

SATURDAYS 07 NOVEMBER at 6 pm Rome Time Zone
SATURDAYS 14 NOVEMBER at 6 pm Rome Time Zone
SATURDAYS 21 NOVEMBER at 6 pm Rome Time Zone