"Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds." 
George Santayana
According to classical science, the definition of chaos is the absence of order. Order and Disorder, Cosmos and Chaos are etymologically related. Greek myth, in fact, maintains that the cosmos, i.e., the order of the world that is rational and beautiful, always arises out of chaos. 
We will use what is called “Chaos Theory” to understand more about what to do with our letters and calligraphy to improve our compositions. I assure you that the discoveries will be very interesting.
The first part of the course will focus on Order. The aim will be to present the Roman Letters in their purest form, their construction, proportions, spacing and their "orderly" regular rhythm. But this won't be a workshop on Roman Letters only. We will soon begin to realize that the letters are perhaps not as "in order" as they seem or would like to be. Basic form always depends on luck, time, and the moment of writing.
We will then focus on Chaos. We will develop and explore the different ways of executing a freer form of writing, freer in the sense of unexpected, random and fantastic. This is a form of writing that is driven by instinct, and that comes from the “gut”, writing that arises from Dionysus’ CHAOS, which has apparently no rules. My aim is to encourage every student to develop his/her own technique. 
Finally, we will combine in one place both orderly and free elements, Order-Chaos, Apollonian-Dionysian, creating combinations that will reveal unexpected compositions in your work.   
We also, at the end as always in my workshops, will make and bind a book of our results exploring Order and Chaos. 

This workshop is open to all levels.


- 6 hours of online classes recorded
- NO EXPIRATION DATE unlimited access to video recordings for the entire 3-part sessions, you will buy the video files and watch as much you want
- complete handouts
- ONLY at your request to be included in the FaceBook private group on this workshop topic . (ask me this if you want)

- 110 Euro. The price INCLUDES TAXES.
NOTE: I invoice all the payment, but send it to you ONLY upon request

SUPPLY (generic) LIST

Pens and tools:
- 3 mm ornament nib pen
-Speedball from C/1 to C/5 OR Brause or Mitchell from 0.5mm to 3mm
- Automatic pen N° 5 or 4
- Ruling pen or colapen (folding pen)
- Flat brush of good quality, I suggest Windsor & Newton series 995 No. 3/4 or 1/2 inch
- Pentel Aquash fine point

- fluid black ink of your preference, suggested any Sumi ink, Quink ink alternatively walnut ink
- extra-fine quality gouache, suggested Talens or Windsor Newton colors of your choice (white or light color required)
- water based Acrylic Enamel Paint glossy or matt,(small pot 100ml) you’ll find in a normal home improvement or color store

1 sketch pad, 9x12 inches (22.9 x 30.5 cm), 74-90gsm paper. Paper should have some tooth; not a super smooth paper (recommended/suggested in US/Canada: Canson XL Sketch,).
Some bigger paper size like

- 3 to 5 sheets good quality paper,maximum 180 gsm, around 19.5x27.5 inches/50x 70 cm. Recommended/suggested: Arches Text Wove OR Arches (or Artistico) cold-press watercolor paper , OR Canson Mi-Teintes, mixed light colors as you prefer OR similar papers you already own.

- some transparencies projection sheet
- some very old book pages to tear

- 1/2 sheets black paper (or very dark color) 50x70 cm 160/180 gsm.
- **optional** light transparent paper like "pergamin" paper 2 big sheets

- Containers for water and colors, rulers , pencils, eraser .. etc.
- a little cardboard frame 8”by8” (20x20cm)