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A pattern, or texture, is an image formed by the combination of organic or geometric shapes and color, and technically, an element or a drawing that is repeated, according to a symmetry and an order.
Lots of artists (i.e. Kandinskij, Klee), scholars and architects have dealt with patterns or have exploited their qualities within their works, starting from the repetition of the same element without variations, inserting different elements into the pattern, increasing the quantity of the information, without exceeding the threshold beyond which chaos is generated.

We will use non latin letters above all ( Indian, African, Classic Arabic, Kufic…) where we will feel more comfortable to transform them into different and new shapes and composition using all kind of tools and material we need to get more inspirational movements and rhythms. At the same time we will explore the theme of the composition and contrast between the empty and filled space.

The whole course and the method proposed will can obviously also be applied to any style of writing and therefore also to our latin letters.
This course, however, will also investigate the aspects of exit and breakout from the schemes and repetitions as well as the relationship between our ordered world and a more disobedient one.

We will finish with a simple binding and design for a book using the exercise sheets done during the workshop.

This course is suitable for beginners up to advanced.

- 5,5 hours in total online live classes (2 hours long and 1,30h the last session)
- 3rd day lesson dedicated for show and share feedback and Q&A
- assignments will be sent after each lesson
- free support after the class (by email)
- handouts for the entire session will be provided
- recorded video lessons will be available after classes with no time limit to watch them

PLEASE NOTE: sending video files is not automatic upon your purchase. You will receive the material as soon as I can upload it for you and send it to you immediately with a separate email.

- 65 Euro. The price INCLUDES TAXES.
NOTE: I invoice the payment, but send it to you only upon request

These are the materials I will use during the lessons:

- ORNAMENT PEN NIB 3mm any brand you find (Speedeball, Brause ...)
- POINTED PEN FLEXIBLE NIB: any kind and brand of your favorite pen you use for your Copperplate
- AUTOMATIC PEN NUMBER 5 AND 4 (or one of the twos)
- A3 SIZE PAID PAPER SHEET 90g/m my suggestion is Canson XL paid or Fabriano Sketch - but any kind of other paper same size and weight are fine.
- 1 or 2 SHEETS OF BLACK PAPER around 90/120 g/m, any size, quality, and brand.
- 1 SHEET FOR COVER PAPER at least 50x70 cm, 180/300 gsm. To your choice color texture and brand
- BLACK SUMI INK, OR any kind of ink you are using and you are familiar with. (Walnut is fine too)and WHITE ink or gauche
- BASIC MATERIAL FOR BOOKBINDING needle, thread, awl, bone folder.

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Here from a feedback :

It always happens to me with @massimopolello workshops and that's why I always repeat with him. It is not just the work that is done during the course; the techniques that are learned and its facility to transmit knowledge. Even more important than all of the above is that I always leave with a head full of ideas, excited, grateful and with the certainty that the best is coming now, because the workshop always opens up a world of infinite possibilities.
I also find it commendable that there is room, in a real way at all levels, allowing and facilitating the particularities of each one. He does it with such naturalness that it turns the difficult into something possible and close, nothing elitist and of course, nothing exclusive.
I have it warm because he has just finished his workshop "break your pattern" and I want to write it, thank it and share it.
I'm totally sure I have a lot of patterns left to break and that's what I like the most :))

Gema- Spain

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